Funny Fathers and Mothers Day Trivia Questions

What relation could be more important in a person’s life than its father and mother? Of course, there is no. In fact, all other relations can have some desire behind the relationship except father and mother. Yes, these are the true relatives of a person that have not only blood relation with their child, but commit thousands of sacrifices for their children. Well, this is the time to celebrate father or mother day. No doubt, many people know this fact that father day and mother day are celebrated every year in every part of the globe with full enthusiasm. However, do you know any history or myths about father day and mother day? If not, then you there is no problem. You have no need to spend several hours in finding some interesting facts about these special days. Here is the cool collection of funny trivia questions about father day and mother day. 



1. What states were the first American Mother's Day was celebrated in? 


2. What is most traditional gift at father’s day?


3. Where was the first Mother's Day service held? 


4. What is the fourth most popular card sending holiday in the world after Christmas, Valentine’s day and Mother’s day?


5. What is the one gift moms love on Mothers Day? 


6. When Father’s day was introduced by Sonora Dodd in Spokane, Washington?


7. In France, what is Mother’s Day referred to as? 


8. When Father’s day was first supported by the President Calvin Coolidge?


9. When is Mother's Day celebrated on?


10. When was Mother's Day officially declared?

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