Funny Ferret, Reindeer, Werewolf, Pug and Bulldog Names

Ferrets belong to animal kingdom. There are mammals and carnivore in order. They are also called fitchet. In past they were kept for catching rabbits but now people keep them as pets. They long and have slender body. Their diet consists of meat, skins and fur of other animals. They have sharp 12 teeth. In some countries there are restrictions for keeping ferret as a pet and few countries need certificate of vaccination of this animal from a vet. Reindeers are found in the forests of North America. There are two types; one is tundra and other is woodland. Hunting of reindeer has made their life in major threat. There is much folklore about werewolf, one is that the wolf turns to man at night and some of them changes shapes in full moon. Pug is breed of dogs and their origins belong to china. In 18th century these dogs were introduced to Europe. Bull dogs were used for fighting with bulls in past, now they are precious pets.


  1. Big foots
  2. Daisy baby
  3. Earthy kits
  4. Fisher flea
  5. Grey candy
  6. Alvin bubbles
  7. Rainy deer
  8. Black peggy
  9. Bear crafts
  10. Meat eaters

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