Funny Flower and Love Names

The beauty of nature lies in its colors. Flowers are the original colors created by God. They give soothing and cool impact on human mind. There are thousands of types of flowers in the world. Whether we are celebrating birthdays, greeting some on or giving burial flowers are sweet for our sweets. From love stories to passionate feelings and distracted hearts this creation of nature is constantly between them. Spring is assigned to do this job of blooming them everywhere. But autumn make them back to heaven. Some flowers can be planted in the pots and other are cultivated in vast areas. Sun flowers are planted in the open fields. Its seeds are used for oil and manufacturing medicines. Honey bees suck nectars of the flower and make honey. Poppy, roses, tulips and marigold add more beauty to the lawns and of the houses. In some plants flowers are edible and can be cooked and a few change to fruits. Some wild flowers are poisons and cannot be touched.


  1. Buzzy lizzy
  2. Snow drops
  3. Moon flower
  4. Day lily
  5. Blazing stars
  6. Bloody cupid
  7. Cocks comb
  8. Baby’s breath
  9. Unicorn
  10. Poppy cups

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