Funny Foreign, Tribe and Family Names

Tribes from different countries have different names regarding their norms and culture. Geographical position, living conditions and dialects are the basics which make names and words to form new identities. Germans and French have few similarities and they have familiar names. Brazilian tribes are based on ethnic groups. Their living style and language is strange and different from the nearby regions. In Rome traditions are change for naming. In their ancient tribes women name was not necessary. Their selection for names was limited and they use not more than two words for names. Greek and Romans names have same accent and some are common in use. In some countries given name to child usually come before the family name. This phenomenon is change in America, Africa and few other countries, they use family name first.  Tribal names and family names are traditional and families transfer them from one generation to the next generation for the identification and people use to recall them with family names.


  1. Sparky wars
  2. Zoo landers
  3. Dragon fires
  4. The immortals
  5. Ran tasras
  6. Rosy gangs
  7. War fury
  8. King kongs
  9. Olymus men
  10. Chimy chong

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