10 Funny Golf Scramble Tournament Team Names

Golf is a pleasant cross-country game, in full of fun and natural environment every player loves it. It has now developed in a new form, hundreds of years back there was no definite rule for playing. The origins of this game are from Scotland and Netherland. The player has to strike a ball into a hole for getting points. Texas scramble is a tournament, played in golf, with slightly different rules. For playing this, divide players, each team consist of four players including a captain and each member of the team first tee off on each hole. By doing this they can decide which shot is the best. For counting game point, total holes are added and strokes are subtracted from it. Handicaps also play golf scramble with two players. The method playing this game is fair and easy. Sometimes golf scramble tournament is organized for the charity purposes.


  1. Goofy guys
  2. Old chaps
  3. Rainbow warriors
  4. Ping pongs
  5. Greedy greens
  6. Grass hoppers
  7. Big sticks
  8. Tee offs
  9. Tiger woods
  10. Hay pickers

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