Funny Gym, Wrestler and Wrestling Team Names

Gym is derived from gymnasium which stands for a big room. It was associated with sport activities in past. Now gym its short version is only for exercise and trainings. Some school, colleges and universities offers students gym for physical fitness beside academic routines. The students learn aerobic, swimming and morning exercises. By the change of time gym word is also replaced by health and fitness clubs.


Wrestling is a combat sports. Its origin goes to ancient Greece. Many types of Wrestling have been played in worldwide level. Free style is very common, it has introduced famous fighters. Second type needs techniques and conditions. Professional wrestling is a bit different from free style. There are rule made by authority of wrestling associations. This is very popular and watched in furious style in America, Mexico, Japan, China and Canada. In Olympics its competitions are tough between international wrestlers. In these matches decisions are difficult sometime it creates furious situations between wrestlers.


  1. The knock outs
  2. Dangerous deeds
  3. Bloody bites
  4. Kung fu panda
  5. Young bombers
  6. Matt hardy
  7. Big daddy
  8. Horn cutters
  9. Earth quakes
  10. Randy rouges

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