10 Funny Hawaiian, Irish and Mexican Team Names

For sports Hawaii is mostly related with surfing because of its geographical location. Major competitions of surfing held collectively known as Van Triple Crown of surfing. Baseball popularity in the state in 1920’s and the Hawaiian Baseball league was formed in the later years.

The Irish are fond of sports. Gaelic football is the native sports of Ireland. Other games include horse racing and hockey. Besides these sports Irish take part in Olympics and Tour de France. Irish’s traditional sport is Hanball but football and rugby are the most favorite.

The whole world knows Mexican passion for football. Bullfighting was played by the end of 19th century. But it is remain a cultural sport for the city. In other activities Mexico introduces good boxers and runners in the world athletic competitions. Baseball is flourished in 1940 and league system was introduced.  Now their teams are fully prepared for World cups.


  1. Jolly Giants
  2. Junk in Jails
  3. Lucky rainbows
  4. Morning glories
  5. Golden greens
  6. Rolling eyes
  7. Hawaiian avatars
  8. Holy rollers
  9. Heaven elevens
  10. Smoking stars

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