Funny Hick, Cartoon Character and Clown Names

Cartoon characters are all time favorite for kids. Special TV channels, cinemas and movie store are made for kids much loved characters. Hypnotic hick is one of them. Rolling and doing funny things make children laugh. Cartoon network is very popular. Every new series is introduced and waited by kids of all age. Latest cartoon movies have been changed into animation. Looney tunes, Pokemon, Ben ten are the most admired and wanted characters at TV channels. Alpha and Omega is a 3D animated movie, an adventure of animals like “Finding Nemo.” The products for kids are printed with famous, jolly and fabulous Winnie the Pooh. Clowns have funny face to create comic effect. They have painted nose, lips and wear multicolor frilled clothes. They are always a source of comedy in all over the world. On special eves like Christmas, Eid, national days and fairs clowns make children happy with their slapstick comedy. They make jokes with kids and treat them give them sweets and flowers.


  1. Looney tunes
  2. Poke man
  3. Prince shriek
  4. Winnie guard
  5. Red nosed
  6. Crazy Jumbo
  7. Dinky brag
  8. Micky cats
  9. Dusty ducks
  10. Big ben

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