10 Funny Hunter Names

Today, there might be any youngster, who does not know about World of Warcraft. I think, this is one of the most popular games in present era. People have become crazy about it. There are many risky factors in the game, which compel the players to spend not only time, but huge money in getting game necessaries like gold for movement in advance stages and a beautiful hunter name as well. I know, there are too many sites available on internet those offers a plenty of hunter names. However, are all these are attractive and funny? Obviously, it is not. However, I know your need and therefore I have prepared a short but really fascinating list of funny hunter names for your World of Warcraft. I am sure that you really enjoy these names and also pick any one from the list. 



1. Death Wish

2. Free Kill

3. Eat Shot

4. Don’t Do My Brother

5. Air Mail

6. Noob Hunter

7. Auto Shot

8. Puntar

9. Peanut Butta

10. Dragon

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