25 Funny Insect and Lizard Names

Insects are one of those creatures that live in our house with us and don’t even pay us for that. Well they are all over on ground, on walls, just all around us. They free walk in our kitchens and rooms etc. Sometimes they are harmless, they do not bit us or harm us in any other way but majority of them are harmful. Lizard is one of those harmful insects that lives in our houses and is harmful at the same time because it is full of poison and if it touches or falls in our food that food also gets poisonous. Though they do not bit us but still they are dangerous. Some of the people think that insects are disgusting; some think that they are just harmless little beings and some think that they are just useless creatures. Women usually get frightened when they face any insect specially lizard. There are many classifications of insects and interestingly some of the classes have given many funny, interesting and strange names to their members that are just un-understandable or causing laughter like:



1. Gilda

2. Doreen

3. Liz-beth

4. Stinkbugs 

5. Naughton

6. Spinner

7. Marmorated

8. Ladybug

9. Caterpillar

10. Fly

11. Katydid

12. Lipstick

13. Albama

14. Samba

15. Eyed-bug

16. Happy spider

17. Pandora

18. Hobo fly

19. Oddy

20. Mushroom bug

21. Romeo

22. Gigantic

23. Palmetto bug

24. Billo

25. Creepy

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