50 Funny Internet and Online Names

Today, no one can deny the importance of internet in present era. All of us know very well that without internet our businesses, jobs and even personal life is nothing. Actually, internet provides access to everything that we want. If we want to get information about anything or want to make our time enjoyable, the first source that comes in our minds is no other than internet. Moreover, if we want to communicate with anyone, again internet is the cheaper and efficient way that provides us this opportunity. To talk with our friends via internet, a lot of chat messengers, e-mails and even video call options are available. There is a very interesting thing about these chat messengers that we can chose any type of name to communicate with other ones. Here is some very funny name ideas that you can chose to make it your identity on internet. 



1. Mr. Wonderful

2. Fruit Loops

3. Toona Fish 

4. Fatty Fatty Bom Bom

5. Pokey 

6. Awesome McAwesome

7. Tippy Tose

8. Joe Kickass

9. Corn Ball 

10. Snaggletooth

11. Jammers

12. Pissy Baby

13. Thimble

14. He Hate Me

15. Bogus 

16. Spunky

17. Loony Bin

18. Ross the Boss

19. Full Frog

20. Retarded Jimmy

21. Jaw Breaker 

22. Weird Beard

23. Chatter Box 

24. Spanky 

25. Phony Baloney 

26. Willy Foo Foo

27. Bookworm 

28. Mr. Magnificent

29. Wish Born 

30. Sparky

31. Jiffy 

32. Mister Googlehead

33. Shrink Drink 

34. Dollface

35. Barf Bag 

36. Tons of Fun

37. Dog Bone 

38. Johnny Fanny Gina Head

39. Super Brain 

40. Captain Awesome and Mr. Fabulous

41. Apple Jacks 

42. Carrot Top 

43. Porkchop

44. Pissy Missy

45. DangerRoss

46. Sister Boom Boom

47. Lovebird

48. Main Man

49. Paramour

50. Sugar Lips

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