Funny Jamaican, Roman, Greek and Filipino Names

Jamaica is an island and its capital is Kingston. It is situated in west of Haiti and third largest island of Caribbean Sea. In past it was British ruled over it. Jamaica get independence in 1962.rome is the center of history, art and architectures. For religion they are Catholics. There history is full of legends and stories. Roman museums are source of attractive for the tourists. Buildings of ancient Rome are included in world records. Modern Rome is well established and its universities are providing latest technology and education. Greek civilization is very old and one can find myths from it. It was renowned for philosophy, art, political and scientific achievements. Before invasion of English language scripts were written in Greek and Latin. Philippine is situated in Southeast Asia. Manila is its capital and language is Filipino. Major economics of this country is based on trade, farming and tourism. Geographically it is has beautiful sceneries. The nature of this island is volcanic for which they have neglected mining.


  1. Julius scissors
  2. Alex the date
  3. Baan born
  4. Babylon
  5. Cris carvan
  6. Drop legs
  7. Fool Brutus
  8. Mile glory
  9. Eddi Izzard
  10. Gladiator boat

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