23 Funny Jersey Names

If you have no idea about jersey names and their origin, then stay here for a while and just read the few lines. Jersey has the origin English and it is borrowed from a part of England. If we take a look over the exact meaning of this name, we realize that Jersey means “The Grassy Island”. Actually, Jersey is also one of the coast islands in England and even the name of a particular type of knitwear as well. Today, the trend of keeping some funny names even in the state Jersey, but also engraving over the front as well as back side of jersey has been flourishing widely. You can adopt either one. If you are living in Jersey, then it is as correct idea for you as if you want to make print some funny name on your jersey as well. Let’s read some funny Jersey names.



1. Prestige Worldwide

2. Miggy’s Fifth

3. Layland’s Lungs

4. Doubles For Jesus

5. Catalina Winemixer

6. The Has-beens

7. Good Wood Beverages

8. The Five Tools

9. Glove Stinks

10. Scared Hitless

11. Where My Pitches At?

12. Cabrera’s BAC

13. Jersey # 69

14. Here Come The Runs

15. Hugh Jeffencock

16. The power of gloves

17. The shining Star

18. Champions 69

19. Mary Jane 420

20. Drunk 24/7

21. Endless Gloves

22. Scoreface # 20

23. Ideal Hammer 11

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