Funny Laser Tag Names

Laser tag can be played online, in grounds or in groups with couple of friends in a big room. It is very easy and interesting game about shooting, no special skill is required for it. Just learn rules and most important thing is covering your body with proper suits. You have aim and shoot your enemy with a single track fire from laser gun. The fire is combination of laser and fog. If you want to play in a ground, you have to arrange the set up for game. Make a place for hiding and defending yourself. Start game from any hiding place and move slowly backwards to protect yourself. Best way is to give first shoot to wall then start give next to your enemy. This game is more interesting in online play. You can play with a couple of friends. It is a real combat game for all ages. Tournaments and competitions also held for laser tag at town and regional level.


  1. Laser quest
  2. Tag hunters
  3. Foggy fires
  4. Flash lights
  5. Track busters
  6. Comic lights
  7. Master blasters
  8. Power bolts
  9. Trump fires
  10. Sunny rays

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