Funny Location, Road, Island and Tree Names

Locations and roads are very important for going one place to another place. Google map has made it easier for find location. Road signs are sometimes not visible which creates trouble for the people coming from far of the places or from other cities. At that moment maps help them for finding required place. Islands are the places surrounded by water. The scenery of these places is beautiful and eye catching. These places have different vegetation from other parts of the world. The inhabitants are also unique. The living style of the people is similar to those who live on sea shore and beaches. Wake Island in America is surrounded by volcanoes. The world’s most populous island is Java. Islands are very popular in movies for pirates and ship wrecks. Many heroes after storm found themselves on the shore of any strange island. From there they start living with animals, wandering in islands and enjoying strange fruits. Trees are the blessing and oxygen tents for humans.


  1. Hell town
  2. Fucking roads
  3. Rough ready
  4. Water paths
  5. Climax hooker
  6. Ship bottoms
  7. Sugar cock
  8. Bull ward
  9. Pity me
  10. House alones

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