20 Funny Mage Names

A mage is person who is also called a magician. This is the person who is specialist of reading stars, dream interpretation and also the future or fate of a person. This group of people is not new but they have been there and practicing since 4th century and still many people do believe them. But this “reading” should not be confused with the study of astrology or study of horoscopes. Actually, they are the people who learn different magic and spell and master themselves in those spells. After that they are able to tell what is going to happen to a particular person, state, industry or even non living things. In some religions they are given very high respect and in some they are considered as the cursed person. Well that’s another debate! Collectively they are called magi who have been the main characters of many famous films and series as well. Harry potter series is a complete and best example of this. According to different beliefs they are also given many names. Of course few are really funny like:



1. I through magic

2. Demon

3. Epic 

4. Rouge target

5. Magus

6. The forbidden

7. Cold war

8. Oom

9. Fire for hire

10. Spec frost 

11. Boom cannon

12. Owmage

13. Dark iron

14. Ice cube

15. Freezer burn

16. Pokemon

17. Zionist

18. Muffminion

19. Bump

20. Dragon

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