Funny Medieval and Goblin Names

The Sim a Medieval is a PC game based on imaginary middle age, role playing game. Sim is your hero in it. The start of the medieval is interesting and you will be delighted but in the end you will feel boredom. You are going to enjoy game with a ruler of a kingdom. At first you do some fun then return to castle which is beautifully decorated. Now you have to show some skills, don’t worry these things are not difficult to do. Just fight with a bear and defeat, make law for kingdom, and collect flowers for making bunches. You can’t stop laughing because these are the work you are doing for the kingdom. You can create more things or places like a wizard light house, structures and lands. For your amusement, fish hunting and is available. Make soup on fire place and enjoy music. Different heroes can be created to perform other tasks. You will be irritated when you start building castle form ground and decorate each and every thing.


  1. First fairy
  2. Black gnomes
  3. False Simon
  4. Smoky goblin
  5. Death knight
  6. Warlocks
  7. Willy wars
  8. Cinder white
  9. Go blind
  10. Wild fred

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