Funny Men and Women Trivia Questions

When we try to get information about anything in the universe either living or non-living organisms, we can get lots of knowledge both in the hardcopy form and soft copy form. I think, the least topic that is discussed on internet is the general information about men and women. No doubt, there is lots of information available at internet about men and women. However, all of this information is about some specific topic. In fact, I am talking about some general information regarding knowledge about men and women. Another reason that disappoints the people about getting some general knowledge about these two main characters of the society is that, most of the knowledge is available in the form of long essays and it is difficult to read all these long stories. Here I have a beautiful solution of this problem in the form of really easy to read and understandable trivia questions about men and women.



Q1. Do men or women suffer more often from high blood pressure?

Q2. Some 45% of wives say their husbands snore. How many husbands will admit it: (a) 5%; (b) 15%; or (c) 25%?


Q3. Are men or women at greater risk of becoming conceited?

Q4. People who exercise regularly sleep more soundly, with one exception. Is the one exception: (a) children with asthma; (b) women who work out in the evening; or (c) men who work out in the morning?

Q5. Are men or women adults more likely to be admitted to a hospital for psychiatric care?

Q6. In school, do boys or girls get more attention from their teachers?

Q7. Are men or women at a greater risk of becoming smokers?

Q8. Are men or women more likely to die without leaving a will?

Q9. The skin of the average woman weighs 3 kilograms, what that of the average man?

Q10. Is a man or a woman at a greater risk of being fat (overweight)?

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