Funny Names For Hermit Crabs and Betta Fish

Sick of dogs and cats now what genre of pet you want? The most innocent is hermit crabs, doesn’t take much place to live. You have to care for its shells, food and water. The first thing you need for a crab is the place for your pet. The room should be clean and watery and consists of 10 gallon watered glass aquarium and a cage where you spread some clean sand. Buy some toy for your crab, because they enjoy playing with them. You can be friendly with your pet in few days, just play with him. Colorful fish attracts every one. Betta fish are beautiful creation of God. They have many names, types and belong to Actinopterygii class but divided in two groups only. It is unique and has awesome designs and contrast. This type of fresh water fish will make your aquarium splendid with colors. Flakes, dried blood worms and frozen shrimps are their favorite food. Betta fish cannot survive in low oxygen. 


  1. Sliver cods
  2. Hurry hermits
  3. Golden shells
  4. Mermaid fly
  5. Betta tomy
  6. Alpha rhyme
  7. A commodore
  8. Flexi fish
  9. Red gills
  10. Missy moon

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