Funny Names for Prank Calls

Prank calls are fun and jokes on phone calls. Some people do this for killing times and amusing themselves. The call is recorded then posted to the internet for making fu. A TV show was also about prank; puppets make prank calls and make audience laugh. People share their own calls on internet. Doing this mischief is not difficult. The caller choose recorded pranks from internet and dial the required number from the options menu the receiver of the call take it as he is speaking to real person. You can hear this call until you hang up or the victim.  These jokes are based on such words; your phone has been stolen or you are now live at famous radio show. Later response of the victim is shown in video and on you tube. Some calls create problems and make people angry. In this reaction these calls are considered against the code of conduct. They can be traced and can be identified.


  1. Fake shrieks
  2. House pranks
  3. Scary calls
  4. Cole cutz
  5. Sid lair
  6. Bill dog
  7. Donkey voices
  8. Kitty carr
  9. Lisa king
  10. Randy lover

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