Funny Names to Call People

People mostly have long names and it’s very difficult for, family members and friends to call them with these names. So they use short names or funny nicknames. Sometimes abbreviations are used. These names become so popular that in some occasions real name is forgotten and the nick is considered the real one.

Sounds of few words create harsh effect and in order to make it easy in spoken language, some consonants are skipped and some are added.  For phone calls some friends for fun sake changes their names to funny words from slangs and dialect. Children play games and use fictitious names for each other and they have to identify the friend whose name is abridged. Surnames have significance too. In some countries it is used before given names. We call others with animal’s names like kitty, colas and chicky etc, because of resemblance of acts and face cuts. Names whether long or short abridged or funny should have good meanings.    


  1. Glittering cat
  2. Dainty smiles
  3. Sick man
  4. Flake bars
  5. Horse kicks
  6. Rusty boy
  7. Alien eyes
  8. Iron arms
  9. Goblin eyes


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