Funny Newscaster, Magazine And Reporter and Tv Show Names

News can’t talk but are read by news casters. Journalists and reports collect information and updates from all over the world. These reports are further organized into news and reports for magazines and news channels. Reading news is an art; somehow there are institutions and training academies for making them good at performance. In Europe and America news anchors are educated according to the required field of news coverage.  Magazines are for entertainment purpose, there are different sections or segments which covers all the major and minor events of the week. Some magazines are only for fashion purposes and they give coverage to new entries in the fashion world. TV shows are getting popularity day by day. Not only talk show but fun & comic shows are mostly watched. Other includes political talk shows and discussion on social problem. There are many TV shows which are segmented and they perform different activities in the same show. On the admiration of audience some show goes on for many years.


  1. Sunny rains
  2. Bad heads
  3. Hard news
  4. Hustle beat
  5. Forecasters
  6. Free fairs
  7. Dark shows
  8. Ghost jokey
  9. Edge cutters
  10. Steel anchors

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