11 Funny Newsletter and Newspaper Names

News paper and news letter seem to be the names of a same thing but actually there is slight different between them. News papers are the common news papers that we read daily. News letters are the papers issued by any corporation or any group of companies for its share holders or employees. These two are the most easy source of getting in touch with outer world because they can easily be carried anywhere and are available almost everywhere. In past only national or domestic news papers could be found in a particular region but now they are published internationally. Now a days you can read them on net as well, so their physical appearance is not that much necessary. News papers and newsletters are also used for advertizing purpose. News papers are published in different regions and are given different names. Thousands of newspapers and newsletters are published every year and it is quite interesting that they are given many interesting names like:



1. The slippery rink

2. The people

3. The sun

4. Peanut butter jelly news

5. New news

6. On the Rag

7. The ark

8. The champion

9. What’s up?

10. News 247

11. Hunter press

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