Funny Number, Word and Name Riddles With Answers

There is a common confusion about riddles that most of the people think; riddles are the question answers just like puzzles, especially mathematics. Well, it is not. Remember one thing! Riddles could be about any field of knowledge and these are the mind-teasers about any particular field. Every field of life has definitely, some mysteries and resolving these mysteries is a mind-blowing mental exercise. Have you tried to solve such funny riddles that are not only about numbers, but also about finding names of different things? If not, then you must try to do this activity, having funny numbers, words and name riddles. Well, internet could be a best source of finding such riddles and there are hundreds of websites that are offering such funny and interesting riddles. If you have no time to waste in finding different websites, having riddles for you, you can get benefit from this blog that is a perfect riddle blog for you.



Q 1. I know a word of letters three. Add two, and fewer there will be what?

A. Few


Q 2. What three numbers have the same answer when added together and multiplied together?

A. 1, 2, 3


Q 3. What 3 letters change a girl into a woman?

A. Age

Q 4. Eternally I am 1 to 6, Eternally I am 15 to 20, I am always 5, but I am never 21 unless I am flying. What am I?

A. A die


Q 5. A farmer had seventeen sheep, all but nine died, how many did he have left?

A. 9


Q 6. A word I know, six letters it contains. Subtract just one, and twelve is what remains. 

A. Dozens


Q 7. What happened in 1961 and will not happen again until 6009?

A. Reading them upside down means the same.


Q 8. I have four fingers and a thumb, I'm a non living thing. What am I?

A. A Glove


Q 9. If you can purchase 8 eggs for 26 cents, how many can you buy for a cent and a quarter?

A. Eight


Q 10. What English word can have 4 of its 5 letters taken away and still retain its original pronunciation?

A. Queue

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