12 Funny Nursing, Doctors, and Wellness Team Names

Nursing is assumed very caring and merciful profession in the world. The people related to this job are engaged with health care departments. Some nurses after professional training and experience supervise the work only. The word doctor carries a meaning ‘cure” for a patient. The doctors have opportunity to serve the nations and their role is pivotal in the world of health & care. But a doctor must be a good physician.

Wellness is related to healthy mind and body. It can be a health program for any nation, bringing reforms in the field of medicines or health care centers. Some time the wellness programs have been introduced in the third world by WHO. In the poverty sicken countries teams from other countries take a survey, implies different reforms not only in the field of health but also for the employment. They provide food and other equipment for the wellness and prosperity of the poor.


  1. The healers
  2. Foot menders
  3. Fatal diseases
  4. Care lifters
  5. Sleeping pills
  6. Acute docs
  7. Hard attackers
  8. Silly fevers
  9. Sweet sufferings
  10. Play aches
  11. Caring Witch
  12. Get Dead Soon

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