30 Funny Old People and Elder People Names

Old men and old ladies are called senior citizens. These senior citizens are part of every nation. In every country they are there and sometimes leading their lives with that much efficiency that not even a young person can imagine of. It is very harsh fact that not in even developed countries but also in developing countries old people are considered ‘burden’. It is thought that as they are not able to stand with the fast speed world, they should be just separated from the society. ‘Old homes’ are example of this cruel thought. But if we have a look on history we will come to know that these old people have much more ability and energy than the young people. They can be a great source of inspiration for the youngsters. The kings or the commanders of armies that are considered as heroes from histories, they were not young also. But now sadly we do not respect our elders. That’s why sometimes we give them funny names also. But, this also is not always the case. Some old people have really funny original names like:



1. Dorothy

2. Hugo hotrot

3. Linda

4. Horatio

5. Pedro

6. Otis

7. Lowell

8. Imao

9. Milicent

10. Hurga

11. Roosterfeild

12. Murray

13. Olga

14. Melda

15. Opal

16. Bill lonely

17. Brad shaw

18. Tom katt

19. Rick o’shea

20. Nick o. time

21. Keri oki

22. Jorgan

23. Brock lee

24. Dorris

25. Pam

26. Ernest

27. Goldfish

28. Blank 

29. Dugg

30. William doorbell

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