17 Funny Pirate Names

Pirates are those people who are robbers. Today the word pirate is referred for the robbers of sea or ocean. They are the persons who rob the other ships or marines that carry people or luggage from one place or country to another. Pirates have been part of human for thousands of years. In ancient times when there were no airplanes or no other vehicles, sea voyage was the only mean of travelling if someone wanted to visit any other country. So, these pirates felt it profitable and safe to loot sea ships because usually only high class people used to travel by sea. These ships were not well equipped to cope with these pirates so sea robberies became profitable business for these guys. At the same time they were also famous for their brutality and cruelty. Even today many ships are robbed by these pirates. Are very famous Hollywood series has also been produced on these pirates. The name of the series is “pirates of Caribbean”. Some of the funny names of pirates are shared below.



1. Mcwoddenleg

2. Jack sparrow

3. Jimmy debloons

4. Tim rice

5. Black bellamy

6. Red reakham

7. Captain blood

8. Millie smallet 

9. Diabolito

10. Ching shih

11. Captain booty

12. Fuzzy

13. Rock hopper

14. The arr mates

15. Calico jack

16. Badger

17. Sealess agale

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