Funny Pirate Ship Names

Developed by flying lab software Pirate of the burning sea is genre of MMORPG. It is a popular game with historical story at Caribbean. The plot of the game comprises on the story of treasure hunt. It is a multiplayer game and each player will be happy while playing because here every player is captain. The graphics of this multi seat ship is graphically remarkable, sceneries and landscape. Special effects like debris flying in the air and cannon fires are spectacular. The player has to complete the mission, fight battle and find ways to combat. The game play will guide you with maps and naval strategy. Your battle is not so horrible, few enemies will encounter you.  There are different careers; naval officer, privateer, free trader, cutthroat and buccaneer with 45 skills. One thing you must keep in mind, you can play one nation at a time because there are different nationals for careers for instance British, Spain, and French.


  1. Black eyes
  2. Gold thieves
  3. Multi sealer
  4. Dagger fighters
  5. Flying sword
  6. Ship crackers
  7. Cold waters
  8. Ancient dude
  9. Sea parrots
  10. Frog lags

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