Funny Planet and Air Line Names

Planets are heavenly bodies in the solar system which revolves in orbits round the sun. The planets so far known are nine in number. They fall into three distinct groups. The first group consists of four planets. They are comparatively small and nearest to sun and known as terrestrial group. Beyond them, with increasing distances from sun are the four major planets. They are all at great distances from sun and each of them is much larger than any of the terrestrial planets. Beyond them with increasing distances from sun are four major planets. Our earth is the third nearest planet to the sun. Aero plane, heavier than air has made travel fast and comfortable. In order to manage their travelling and maintenance air line companies came into being. They have to manage the passengers’ departure and arrival. From air ticketing to travelling these companies are responsible for all services during journey. Air buses are common now and travel with taking intervals.


  1. Gear of walk
  2. War shock
  3. Mars ball
  4. Saturn state
  5. Owls orbit
  6. Zero line
  7. Dragon ways
  8. Aero float
  9. Cosmos pilots
  10. Jumbo bus

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