Funny Pledge and Charity Names

Pledges are made for the requests. The organizations who want to collect funds and charities for the help of needy people. The aid workers make sure that they will spend money the cause and the donors will see the outcome of this charity campaign. United Nations Foundation is the world’s biggest charity organization. It works on the charity and major donors are the super powers. In every country there are such organizations which are made on the pledge of the rich. They want to spend some money on different causes like, cancer, T.B, mental health etc. Once they start working other communities also joined them. There missions are to provide proper treatment to the patients, awareness and precautions. They make hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centers. Some time in calamity or natural disasters these foundations play important role. Their workers and volunteers rush to the affected areas to provide food supplies, shelters and medical services. They camped there and help them. These workers collect funds from all over country and use it facilitate the poor.


  1. Miles carrier
  2. Team youngs
  3. United fighters
  4. Bad chromes
  5. Hot fighters
  6. Courage horns
  7. Fast action
  8. Trash treasures
  9. Hunts man
  10. Soul halters


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