Funny Punjabi and Pathan Names

Punjab is rich in culture and its heritage is alive in walled city. The language of this province is Punjabi. This old historical city has forts, gardens, and rivers. This region has produced many saints, scholars, and poets. It is remain the centre of cultural and literary activities. Many renowned universities of Pakistan are in Punjab. Food culture is also center of attention for the tourists. The most attractive places for them include Cholistan desert, palaces of Bahawalpur Multan, and Shalimar garden, etc. Punjabi music especially Saraiki music is very popular in the theatrical music. Pathans or Pashtun historically belong to Afganistan and tribes of Khyber Pakhtunkhea. There history is filled with wars and struggle for the freedom. For earning these Pashtun moves to different parts of the country and start their living where they have found work. Weapons for them are ornaments and most important thing in life. They used to live in tribes and are very rigid for their customs and believe.


  1. Zebra khan
  2. Angry khan
  3. Furious khan
  4. Baala jaat
  5. Taafa
  6. Jeeli
  7. Tashi
  8. Bilo
  9. Mungal khan
  10. Vehla janta
  11. Darya khan
  12. Samandar Khan
  13. Sheela Khan

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