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Sports are a beloved activity of almost every person in the world. However, the choice of people in terms of nature of game could be different. Being a fan of any game, people not only like to play their beloved game, but also watch the national as well as international matches of this favorite game. You can understand this thing fact that people like to gather many trivia about their favorite games and also about their favorite players as well. now it is not a difficult and tiresome work to gather some funny and interesting trivia about any game and a specific player as well. when you will search about such funny trivia related to sports at any online forum, you will find a long range. However, there are only a few sites that offer mix trivia about sports. Here you can find some funny and interesting trivia about Cricket, Football, Soccer, Golf, Rugby and Olympic Sports.



1. Until 1967 it wasn't illegal for Olympic athletes to use drugs to enhance their performance during competition.


2. Shirt swapping was once officially prohibited at the World Cup in 1986 because FIFA did not want players to 'bare their chests' on the field.


3. Golfers use an estimated $800 million worth of golf balls annually.


4. Who was able to set NFL rushing records because of his "big but" according to Chicago Bears trainer Frank Caito?


5. India withdrawal from the 1950 World Cup finals as they were not allowed to play in bare feet. They have not had the chance to compete again since.


6. On February 6, 1971 the first golf ball was hit on the moon by Alan Shepard.


7. What woman won five U.S. figure skating titles from 6 to 173, but never an Olympic gold medal?


8. Who was the NBA Coach of the Year trophy named after?


9. The most common surname of World Cup players is Gonzalez or Gonzales.


10. Where did Joe Montana play NCAA Division I football?

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