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At present, if you want to get information about any country, the best source of it is not other than trivia about that country. You can say that these trivia are the excellent source of information regarding that country. Now, if you are searching about some interesting information about Australia, turkey, Canada, Holland and America, you can see many trivia blogs at different sites. However, not all the sites provide an interesting information about these countries and even some sites have nothing information about these. However, you have no need to worry at all, if you want to visit these countries without spending money. I have made a lot of search and have collected really funny trivia about Australia, Turkey, Canada, Holland and America. Here, I want to share an important information regarding Holland before unveiling the funny trivia about it. Holland is the second name of Netherland. Now, let’s enjoy the funny trivia about these countries.



1. What country sends the most tourists to Australia?


2. Turkey has a history of earthquakes. In 1999 earthquakes left over seventeen thousand people dead and many thousands homeless.


3. The Canadian province of Newfoundland has its own time zone, which is half an hour behind Atlantic Standard Time.


4. The Netherlands is sometimes called Holland after its provinces of North and South Holland.


5. What high-stakes city has the most unlisted phone numbers per capita in the U.S.? 


6. Australia is the largest continent occupied by one nation and is the least populated.


7. Istanbul, the Capital of Turkey and formerly Constantinople, was an important capital city for many hundreds of years. Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire.


8. At one time it was possible to walk from Holland to Britain. However, the levels of the North Sea began to rise at the end of the last Ice Age covering over the land bridge by 6000 BC.


9. Which Australian province has New at the beginning of its name? 


10. Canada is an Indian word meaning "BigVillage".

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