Funny Ranch Names

Ranch is a style of house in America first introduced in 1920’s. These houses have two large rooms; basement and wooden frames are used in it. These single storey houses have plastered walls with interior courtyard. The term ranch is also used for agricultural and live stocks farms. These farm houses have beautiful landscape. Some people own it privately and grow vegetation and raise live stocks. They also built small dwelling place to stay there manage work. This is a system of rearing cattle and live stock is organized. Now ranches are used for recreation places. Some of the beautiful farm houses have been change into tourist resorts and small hotels. People visit these places which seems to them like rural area with clean environment. They enjoy beautiful sceneries and various animals kept by ranchers. Historically this type of living with animal in the far hallow land is related to red Indians in America. This trend became common after American Revolution and people adopted it.


  1. Tomy ranch
  2. Oaks houses
  3. Tara cotta
  4. Donkey tracks
  5. Pool houses
  6. Hilly farms
  7. Green patches
  8. Red gates
  9. Jacky stations
  10. Mad meadows

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