Funny Riddles about Cats and Dogs

No doubt, the choice of people in terms of keeping pets is different depends upon nature of people and availability of animals. However, the most common pet animals that are not only available in every region of the world, but most beloved animals of thousands of people as well are not other than dogs and cats. Being their favorite pet animals, people want to know all about these animals and always try to gather some interesting and funny information about them. Moreover, people that have craze of keeping dogs and cats as a pet animals, also like to solve some riddles about them. However, they feel much difficulty in finding some really tricky and interesting riddles about cats and dogs. To solve their problem in an efficient manner, here i have made some effort to collect very tricky and funny riddles about cats and dogs just for you. I hope, you will like these riddles very much.



Q 1: What do you call a great dog detective? 

A: Sherlock Bones


Q 2: There are 10 cats in a basket, 1 cat jumps out. How many are left?

A: One, they are all copy cats.


Q 3: What's worse than raining cats and dogs?

A: Hailing taxis.


Q 4: What do you get if you cross a beagle with bread dough?

A: Dog Biscuits


Q 5: What type of art does a dog like to practice on glass?

A: Nose Printing


Q 6: What do you get if you cross a cat with a bottle of vinegar?

A: Sourpuss


Q 7: What does a cat have that no other animal has?

A: Kittens.


Q 8: What activity do you call it when a dog does a TV commercial?

A: Paws for the cause


Q 9: How do you know that cats are sensitive creatures?

A: The never cry over spill milk


Q 10: What did the dog say to the man who pulled his car over in the middle of the road? 

A: Park! Park! 


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