15 Funny Running Team Names

Games are considered as the healthy activity which should be part of everyone’s life. Games are considered as the best exercise. Sports and games teach us those lessons that we would never be able to learn in our life without sports. That’s why the term ‘sportsman spirit’ is this famous. Doctors and physicians say that if you find time for sports like running or any other games that involves physical activity, you would never catch any disease related to heart or lungs. Running is also one of those healthy games that involve physical activity. Every year in different countries running contests are held.  Some contests are held by international game organizers. Both national and international teams take part in these contests. Some teams have got really funny names like:



1. Cunning stunts

2. The master runners

3. The cereal killers

4. The team ramrod

5. Parrot heads

6. The four horsemen

7. Galloping geezers

8. In the way

9. We stole this name

10. Witness the fitness

11. Run bro run

12. Fast and the furious

13. We run hard

14. Metal feet

15. Feel the thunder and wonder

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