Funny Sailboat and Yacht Names

Sailboats are small boats used for crossing rivers and for safety purpose these boats are attached with the ships. It has become a popular game now. Player row boats in competition. It’s a kind of race with specific time and distance. Boats have different shapes like cutters, catboat, kethch and schooner. These boats are controlled by headsails and mainsails. When boating become a recreational game then many changes take place in the game play, the very first change is the name. Yachting is the modern name and it is enjoyed in every world sports event. It was introduced in the era of King Charles II. Many countries like Estonia, North America and UK take this game for a serious adventure. There is another aspects, it is played by handicap also. They take part for rowing and these competitions only held between specials. New York yachting club is very popular for its summer games rowing contests. While sailing weather conditions and skills plays important role for controlling the yacht.


  1. Panic ships
  2. Drift woods
  3. Empty sea
  4. Dew drops
  5. Sea snails
  6. Dream catchers
  7. The voyagers
  8. White seagulls
  9. Ghost fairy
  10. Nordic ducks


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