Funny Slo Pitch Team Names

Slo pitch is a base ball style game, played in school, colleges and universities. These players are further chosen for the league matches. Two teams having 10- 14 players can play this game with bat and ball. The origin of this game is from Chicago. Sometimes people sponsor the teams. You have to select the location and prepare pitch. Form a team and arrange a uniform for the players. To make the game play, healthy and good train your player for hitting perfectly. Practice will make you perfect for the final game. First do toss and decide who will ball first. Then position your players if you are balling first. Now you are for defending the game. The batter tries to hit the ball and make scores. There are certain terms regarding the ball which are fly ball, popup ball, and line dive. Other terms are double play, triple play, throw out and force out. This game is a fun when played between two teams from different leagues.


  1. Slow ballers
  2. Ball busters
  3. Spider squad
  4. Wise teens
  5. Night runners
  6. Triple edges
  7. Force fouls
  8. Dirty divers
  9. Fly jumpers
  10. Speedy scorers

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