Funny Smurf and Dwarf Names

The Smurfs is a 3 D animated movie for kids. It is full of comics, jokes and humor performed by blue creatures. The main character of the movie Papa Smurf is a foreseer and on a blue moon festival he has seen some trouble will happen in future. Another character Gargamel follows evil spirit. The smurfs found themselves in a strange village. From there struggle for the survive starts. At last they found a friend who helps them in escape. Dwarfs are mutant characters found in myths and stories. They are very small in sizes and human like creatures. In cartoon movies and series these characters are found very friendly sometimes. Their living is shown in the bows of the trees, small holes in the houses, and undergrounds. These creatures are related to the fairy tale stories also. The term dwarf is also used for tiny things like trees, plants and towers, sometimes ethnic groups which are small in numbers are symbolizes with the same term.


  1. Blue murphy
  2. Cuddly smurf
  3. Liliputians
  4. Small shots
  5. Papa blues
  6. Silly elves
  7. Tiny warriors
  8. Lopez feet
  9. Speedy Marie
  10. Clumsy nuts

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