Funny Sounding and Rhyming Names

We speak loud or low pitch, read or recites, sing a song or poems, every single letter includes sounds and rhymes. Poetic pieces are specially criticized and noticed for these qualities. Movement of sounds, voices, and its ups and downs shows the mood of a person who delivers any word. Rhyme scheme is important aspect of poetry. But some genres of poetry are in free verses and rhyme scheme is not considered important. For naming anything, any person or product people are very conscious about the use of words, they try to use such words which are easy in delivering and memorizing. Words and names with soft sounds can never be forgotten as compare to words having hard and difficult pronunciations. In English language consonants and vowel sounds are different. In some cases vowels before and after any consonant changes the sound of the word. In French there are certain words which end on unpronounced letters. Some sounds are familiar both in Latin, French and English.


  1. Drumpan
  2. Ringo roses
  3. Brown brat
  4. Ben brookers
  5. Frozen fires
  6. Tricky Teens
  7. Billy born
  8. Willy and welly
  9. Click clatter
  10. Holly dolly

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