Funny Southern Eastrn Westrn Northern Names

Southern part of America is rich in cultivation. The natives of this region have their origins from France, England, Spain and Germany. Southern area is rich in minerals. Their language is English and southern dialect. The eastern part of America is near Atlantic Ocean.  Many popular places of America are in western part; Alaska, California, Hawaii are situated along this region. There are river, plains and grassy plateau with slopes and forests. Western part is also famous for Hollywood.  This is the center of film and actors industry. Another part of it is Silicon Valley, famous for technology and it is called technology village. This valley has produced inventors and application developer. Among these states California is the most populous. Mexico having historical heritage is one of the major part of western America. Northern part is occupied by Islands and coastal areas. It is multi cultural with variety of theories and ideologies. The languages used are English, Spanish and French.


  1. Dork fish
  2. Red necks
  3. Coven ants
  4. Angle fire
  5. Bear sign
  6. Curl wolf
  7. Death debate
  8. Plunder power
  9. Local fighter
  10. Comes Jones

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