Funny Spider, Dinosaur, Monkey, Duck, Rat, and Squirrel Names

Spiders are of many types including spider man an imaginary character. But we are talking here about spiders that crawl on walls and make troubles some times. Some types of spiders are poisonous and dangerous. On flowers arachnid spiders sucks its nectars. Others are wasp, water, monkey, wolf and crab spiders. Dinosaurs are extinct reptiles. They differentiated by their structure and features. Brachiosaurus was a plant eater and Coelophysis was one of the meat eaters, it was the first dinosaur. Now they are found only in fiction based movies. Monkey species is very old. They live in forests. Some of their species are now distinct. This animal is popular among children for their comic activities in the zoo. Ducks, geese, or swans are water fowls. They are different in sizes and colors. Rats or rodents are small species. Some of their species are not yet classified. They are useful for experiments. Squirrels are innocent rodents, climbing on trees and eating nuts are their hobbies.


  1. Fluffy eight
  2. Spike ole
  3. Wolf spider
  4. Crazy legs
  5. Hurry creeps
  6. Black jumpers
  7. Crazy nuts
  8. Slim aces
  9. Silver swans
  10. Thunder flyer

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