Funny Steam, Pipe, Tool and Tank Names

Cars, buses and other locomotive engines have tools for the good working of engine. Steam pipes are used in locomotive engines. These long pipes are made of plastic or metal and supplies water which after flowing in the boiler changes in to steam. This steam helps the locomotives or engines to work.  Tools are used for many functions, some are for making thing work better and some tools are used for preparing the machines. Tool kits are available in markets and it can be kept at home for need. In ancient times wood and stones are used for making things. Now different metals are malted and molded in the making of tools for various machines. Tanks are used for the storage of liquid in huge quantity. In houses, building and commercial plazas where the supply of water not regular, tanks are placed with the specific pipeline structure to deliver water at required places. Tanks are made of fiber glass, plastic or concrete.



  1. Steam burner
  2. Rudy pipe
  3. Cool waters
  4. Slap hammers
  5. Pink nails
  6. Socket trap
  7. Dogy drills
  8. Fuse wrench
  9. Fat tank
  10. War tanks


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