Funny Supermarket, Hair Salon and Barbershop Names

Super market is the best place for which word super is perfect. All in one place is also best for understanding its purpose. It is a huge departmental store from where everyone can take benefits. In 21st century its trend has empowered the world. Everyone for shopping prefer super store to a shops. The growth of super market is increasing day by day even in the third world.


Are you going to see your friend or for shopping? One thing you will never forget before going out is to brush your hair. Imagine the importance of hair, that’s why everyone spend much time at salons and barber shop for selecting a good hair cut from the outlet. Hair salons give services not only for haircuts but also give treatment to hair damage and tip for hair care. People mostly join hair salons having proper knowledge of products, hair style of different models and services. Barber shops do the same but their services are limited.


  1. Super marts
  2. Free runners
  3. Silky club
  4. Hair liar
  5. Silly grays
  6. Hair looms
  7. Curl ups
  8. Fair foxes
  9. Bald barbers
  10. Woolen dyers

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