12 Funny Tax, Political and Police Team Names

Tax is a system in which a government or authority has a right to collect certain amount from tax payer. Every country has tax laws and implemented by public authority. Politics is the way to govern or rule over a nation. In ancient Greeks there was no concept of nation, a city seems to then whole world. For the all the affairs relating to citizens were political developments. In today’s world political system is based on legal institutions to form a governing power. People belong to these institutions work for the benefits of the nations.

Police is a civil authority who works for the protection of the common man. They investigate crimes, restrain people from evil doings and protect the lives of other on the cost of their lives. In any country if someone breaks the law of commits crime it is the duty of police to interrogate and take action against the criminal.


  1. Thief catchers
  2. Bomb squads
  3. Men in blues
  4. Tax troops
  5. Mad ministers
  6. Chief of thieves
  7. Phantom lords
  8. Policy breakers
  9. Liberty savers
  10. Super sonixs
  11. Penny Collecters
  12. Hands Up

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