10 Funny Teacher and Coed College Team Names

Teaching is mostly geared to the knowledge. Good teachers only adjust the teaching techniques to meet the needs of students. An intelligent teacher uses tact with effect to control even the worst situations in the class room. The role of student in every society is same to seek knowledge whether they are in school or college or universities. The teachers and student are grammatically neuter gender. We cannot discriminate students as male or female. Similarly while studying in co-ed, no one can split student into two. The students are mostly related with mischievous behavior and pranks but teachers are always considered serious, shrewd and honorable in the universities. Many teachers behave friendly in the class room and get more advantage of teaching even most difficult lessons as compare to those who only scolds students. These two roles of students and teacher will remain here on this World’s stage till the end. 



  1. Teacher pets
  2. Cheese ballers
  3. Warm ups
  4. Cool fools
  5. Winners only
  6. Big boys
  7. Tricky teachers
  8. Awesome fools
  9. Classroom crawlers
  10. Book marks


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