30 Funny Turkish and Russian Names

Turkish and Russians are the people who are natives of Turkey and Russia. The official name of turkey is republic of turkey. Turkey is an Asian country and its capital city is Istanbul. Istanbul is also the largest city of turkey. Russia is also a European country and it is officially known as Russian federation. Its capital city is Moscow. The official language of Russia is Russian and the official language of turkey is called Turkish. Both languages are not very well renowned specially in south Asian and European countries as well. This unfamiliarity of languages makes it difficult for other people to understand these languages. Due to similar reason names of the natives of these two countries also sound strange to majority of the people. This is why some Russian and Turkish names sound funny. Some funny Russian and Turkish names are:



1. Zoya feedosev

2. Ekaterina

3. Mihailov

4. Valeriya

5. Abezguaz

6. Arshan

7. Arenet

8. Chirkoff

9. Dauakza

10. Chopiak

11. Buryshkin

12. Budberg

13. Entin

14. Gavlik

15. Flits

16. Glinka

17. Kheifets

18. Lalovskii

19. Holender

20. Lebel

21. Kuzmin

22. Mezentsova

23. Okecka

24. Vans

25. Tsert

26. Werener

27. Worden

28. Zeif

29. Zubkin

30. Somov

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