Funny Wizard, Phone, Mob and Money Names

“Wizards of Waverly Place” is very popular TV show. It is about a family with three children. Amazing thing is about kids who are wizards. They use magic to do things but sometimes this make the matters worse. Max their younger son uses bask fire. Alex is elder and creates troubles with magic. Life is not complete without the concept of phone or cellular phones. It has become necessity of life. Graham Bell had never thought of communication invention of cellular phones. This technology has decreases the distances and now millions of business in depending on phone services. Mob is the crowd or public gathering in large, disorderly for creating trouble. Mod and money is a show. It is about mafia, corruption and violence. The acquisitions in the show are murders and mobsters. The roles are assigned with different names like Big, Joe, Lucky and Angelo. They reveal hidden truths about secret working of mobs and family of New Jersey.


  1. Wiz cards
  2. Bret boy
  3. Freeze calls
  4. Torn phones
  5. Easy fires
  6. White violence
  7. Luck mobs
  8. Crime mafia
  9. Magic house
  10. Smoke deaths

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