13 Funny Workout, Exercise, Fitness, Weight Loss Team Names

Most of us don’t recognize the importance of exercises, games and walk for fitness and weight loss. Many people use artificial ways for dissolving extra fats from their body but don’t spend a few minutes on exercise. While watching TV and working on Computer we spend three hour, most of us working in offices spend 8 hours a day. The common problem among for these workers is obesity which shows lack of interest in physical activity like sports and walk for fitness. Many communities and health centers make programs for awareness and they also used to declare a day for walk. These activities not only control weight but give energy and prevent many diseases.

Aerobics and jogging will help against heart disease and strengthens bones. It is not only exercise which burns calories, mowing a lawn, cleaning house and playing tennis or badminton, weekly will also give good results for physical fitness. 


  1. Fit fats
  2. Speedy runners
  3. Jimmy cracked
  4. Soul survivors
  5. Dragon ballz
  6. Tons of funs
  7. Fast foods
  8. Life timers
  9. Fearsome four
  10. Soul healers
  11. Gym Beast
  12. Bald Eye
  13. Snooker Tee

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