10 Funny Zoo Names

Zoo is a place where animals are kept for the sake of entertainment of general public, especially kids. The word zoo is derived from ‘zoology’ which means study of animals. The word zoo itself means home of animals. One thing must be clarified that in zoo not only animals are kept but also the birds and some other reptiles are kept here. The animals, birds and other living things that are kept in a zoo are generally those who are rare and can’t be found commonly. People think that zoo is a place of relaxation and entertainment. They think of it to be a place to have fun. Although the actual purpose of establishing zoo was to provide entertainment to the general public but now zoos have also become the source of preventing wild life from negative externalities. Today, every country has at least one zoo. Every zoo has different name. Some funny zoo names are:


1. Ani-ware

2. Home sweet home

3. Lively place

4. Zoovenirs

5. Animal garden

6. Rare-lity

7. Zooland

8. The kingdom

9. Dinosis

10. Cutie pie zoo

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